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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Moving On - Excerpted

Moving On
excerpted from My Soul to His Spirit

When it's raining, down South at least, there is no noise in the house. Everyone is quiet and all the electricity is off. TV's and radios. You know this rule, but, when the stereo in the corner comes into your view it politely suggests that you turn it on. You venture over there and press down on the play button. Michael Jackson begins to sing: "Let me show you/let me show you the way to go..."

And you begin to move. First, you get the hip hop-club nod going, and then your foot starts tapping with Tito's pulsating bass, and, then, ah sookie, sookie now, your Black girl hips come swaying into the groove, signifying the beginning of official gettin' down. And you're just dancing and it's all good because your daddy just couldn't be dead. Just could not happen. It's a party up you silently delcare.

You hustle your way to the door, lock it and turn Michael up to the max: I don't know anything/but that's something I do know/I know/I know..."

My Soul to His stores now!


At 8:50 AM, Blogger chaudes said...

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At 2:53 PM, Blogger delphinefb said...

Wow...what perfect timing...I would say you are psychic but it's just a matter of being in tune in ways you can't imagine...How nice it was to read this on the day that my Dad moved on to the true world...


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