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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Mosquée d'Agadez by Oliver Beytout

Good Morning!

Ah, is it hot enough for you New Yorkers? I feel like I am hanging out in Agadez with the brother in the flick. The Sahel is a beautiful place, and the Big Apple is getting a taste of its hella hot temperatures.

After Fajr I immediately thought of some red velvet cake. Not just any, but the deliciously moist slices Cake Man whips up. Yes, these slices are so in demand that most of the time you have to reserve a slice. Lemme tell you more, okay, they are huge slices, about $5 a pop, with butter creme icing and generously sprinkled crunchy walnuts. And, if things go my way, I will be in Ft Greene today after work hollerin' at a slice. Otros!


At 9:33 AM, Blogger jb said...

Cake Man's right around the corner from my apt. I can't front the red velvet's tasty but always give me headache--probably cause I don't really mess with dairy. One day I have to tell ou my horror story about ordering from them for an event at Juillard. Tragedy.


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