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Friday, June 10, 2005

Soul Man

Eric Roberson is generous with his soul.

Look, if Eric Roberson has a gig on the moon, I'm there. On top of that, Eric is one of the few male singers that can sing to Laylah anytime he pleases. He is right up there with butter smooth Raphael Saadiq, the orgasmic wailer El Debarge and earthquake crooner Isaac Hayes. (Bilal can sing to Laylah, too. No, actually, I'm still mad at him from the BB Kings Midnight show...Oh, and Common can sing to Laylah. I know he doesn't sing but you get my drift.) Eric Roberson's show is one of the most energetic, entertaining, dance and thought provoking shows that I have ever been to. Last night at SOB's (my second home) Eric did a show that lasted 2 1/2 hours, I left at 12:30am. His band of fine chocolate brothers killed it. I had such a good time. I sure wish a certain someone could have made it, but that's alright. NEVER mind...

Anyway, Billy Miles was the opening act and as you know the next issue of America Magazine will have a profile of her penned by me. Billy's set was something to process, some of her songs lyrics are very interesting but her performance may be just too laid back and abstract for New Yorkers. Perhaps in L.A., where she is from, singers are can experiment with theater and such but in NYC you gotta get up there and sang girl. See: Leela James

Back to Eric, or ERRO as he is commonly known, It was a treat for me because being the dedicated fan I am, I know all the lyrics to his very introspective songs so I appreciated the various interpretations and versions to songs such as Find A Way and Please Don't Leave Me. Eric has written songs for many other soul singers such as Vivian Green to Jill Scott. Last night he sung one of the songs he wrote for Musiq called previous Cats. And since that song wasn't a single like Vivian Green's Emotional Rollercoaster, many audience members didn't know the words so he brought along huge flash cards with the lyrics on them, it was hilarious. The best part was when he did Andre 3000's Hey Ya; everyone was so shocked that we just began to shake it like a polaroid picture!

Guys, I am so exhausted! You know I want to talk all night about Eric but I gotta get up out of here. Catch me this weekend at: Hueman Bookstore in Harlem with Jamel Shabazz, Michael Jackson vs. Prince @ Peppers Lounge and Saturday in Brooklyn at the tribute to the Ancestors at Coney Island beach.



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