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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jazz @ Lincoln Center

The Allen Room, Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC

I am enchanted by this new space built specifically to hear acoustic jazz. It is so wonderfully constructed, with three venues in JALC: Dizzy's Club, Rose Hall and The Allen Room. I am at once happy to see such a elegant jazz space in such an important hub for media and communications, Time Warners world headquarters at 59th street Columbus Circle, but then again it seems so removed from the people - unless you go looking for it and once you find it, do you have the money to get in?

Jazz Cafe on Lewis Avenue in Bed-Stuy is a store front venue but is just as elegant and aptly placed. I doubt that Jazz @ Lincoln Center will replace my love for Iridium and Jazz Standard. There are some places that have my love forever: SOBs, Knitting Factory, BB Kings, etc. So, on top of my love for jazz and now JALC, is my decade long love with Wynton Marsalis, who is creative director. I know, don't bother to message me or email me - or direct me to a Buckshot LeFonque link/CD, the love ain't shifting anytime soon.

I remember my former boss asking me of my preference: Mr. Wynton or Mr. Brandford. Wynton. I just know more about him, I know his stee. Back in high school, I saw him on the regular playing ball or just chilling around Lincoln Center. Then I began to learn about his philosophy on life and jazz. Plus his full grown artistry is just so attractive as well as his confidence. I like Wynton, leave me alone...

(For the record: folks always try to hip me to the jazz pantheon: Miles, Jordan, Duke, Carter, Torme, Armstrong, Roach, 'Trane, Johnson, Vaughn, et, al...I know and love them. I just like talking about the contemporary musicians also. They deserve the energy, too, ya know.)

Anyway, back to Jazz at Lincoln Center. I paid a little visit to Dizzy's Club on Sunday night, on a (semi) date, no less, with Mr. CelebrityJazzDude. I know I said I would keep my distance, but he's an artist as his apex, with tons of confidence to match; I like the company, plus I should draw my inspiration from many sources nowadays. It was an interesting evening, indeed. Try walking in the door of a jazz venue on the arm of a well known jazz musician, people automatically want to know who you are - this, however, is another story.

Randy Weston and his African Spirits were playing, this time with a 5-piece band as opposed to just the three I saw last time at TriBeCa performing Arts Center. Mr. Weston, who has worked with the Gnawa of Morocco for many years, is an excellent pianist and bandleader. He gives his personnel such creative room to solo and they take full advantage of the gesture; I can't see how or what his bandmembers are incited by exactly, maybe it's internal among their collective, or Mr. Westons' genius in general, but they play at their zenith it seems. And this is what jazz/artistry is about: going all the way till you cant go any further; establishing your comfort zone then getting the hell out of it, quick. Mr. Westons drummer and bassist are lively players, I love them.

I'd tell you more but I gotta get my day on. I have to assemble yet another photo portfolio. I ain't mad at that, lol!


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At 9:10 PM, Blogger Chubby Chocolate said...

That's one of the places on my To Do list before I die. It should be certified as one of the many wonders of the world.

At 2:36 AM, Blogger Shaik Abdul Khafid said...


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Shaik Abdul Khafid said...

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At 11:49 AM, Blogger Rell said...

i always wanted to play there. I keep practicing and practicing so maybe I'll get there.

I doubt it but i can dream! :-)

At 4:08 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said...

Bedsty is old my own stomping grounds, gotta check, thanks for the info, and keep the emails coming. Peace!!!!


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