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Monday, November 20, 2006

Mademoiselle D'Gascony

Do you know how much I love Wynton Marsalis' Mademoiselle D'Gascony? When I think of how it would be if this song did not exist in my life and I get moody. Grrrr. I remember exactly when we met. It was 2001, I went to Ernie Pannicioli's photo studio in midtown and he'd just finished a shoot. We were waiting for a few other folks so we can leave and finish working on the hip hop photo anthology. So, he took some CDs and put Wynton on the CD player. At first I didn't pay any attention, but he gave me the CD to take home. I got home a listened to the entire thing. Of course, I fell in love with Sunflowers. In the next few days I discovered the track, Mademoiselle D'Gascony. It's a tangled web for 4 notes, played over and over in a game of mathematic probability. It's a sonic love potion as well as a lullaby. Gosh, I love this song, it does it for me every time.

Check out Wynton in 1982, yall don't know how fly he is...